Save Electricity – Lighting


There are many ways you can help the environment and save electricity. The major one is Lighting. The most electricity which is consumed in the world is done for lighting. Here are the ways you can save electricity on lighting:

  • Natural Light: Sun provides light for free and is renewable, so use sun’s light as much as possible. If you open up the curtains and use the natural light you will use a lot less electricity then use normally do.
  • Bulbs: Use CFL and LED bulbs instead regular light bulbs.
  • Turn Off: Always turn off the lights when not in use.


Why should you save Electricity?


Electricity is the form of energy everyone needs in their lives these days. It has become an essential commodity and is needed to survive and do a lot of things. Over usage of the same can lead to many problems in future. As it is the case with everything the energy resources available on earth are limited and will run out sooner or later. There is no energy resource which will not run out. So we all need to lead how we can make most use of the power we have in our hands and how we can leave the power and energy for the usage of the next generation.

There are many reasons why the power/electricity should be saved. The major ones include:

  • When you start saving a little electricity everyday you contribute in combating the Global Warming and help in making earth more green.
  • When you start saving a little electricity everyday you make it possible for energy companies to be able to provide the power for next generation.
  • When you start saving a little electricity everyday you save money everyday.

Yes save electricity to save money Today!